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Here is where you can learn more about our Citizenship & Residency by Investment specialist services. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we are dedicated to helping individuals navigate the complex world of global citizenship and residency programs. Our team of specialists is committed to providing comprehensive guidance, personalized solutions, and exceptional customer service to ensure your journey towards acquiring a second citizenship or residency is seamless and successful. Discover more about the extensive range of services we offer. Trust in our knowledge and commitment as we guide you towards a brighter future with enhanced global mobility.

Chris Hassall IFA

Originally from a small city in the North of the UK called "Stoke-On-Trent", I moved to Africa four years ago assisting and advising clients in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan, Kenya, Malawi, Eqypt, Zambia, Rwanda, Mozambique, Namibia, Ivory Coast to name a few. I'd been in sales and managerial positions for most of my working life, predominantly in the insurance and financial sectors when I decided to jump into the deep end - to leave everything I know, my family, friends - to help individuals and companies across Africa and the world.


Currently based in Mauritius as Africa's Top Advisor, I aid in the creation, preservation, consolidation, security and growth of finances and wealth - offshore. After an in-depth review or x-ray analysis of your circumstances, responsibilities, goals and ambitions, I seek and will find the most fitting solution to serve you, your family and ambitions or needs.


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Financial Planning

We live in a world where finance interconnects with every aspect of our lives. We constantly make decisions on the cost of things, from the house we live in, the holidays we take, right down to the coffee we drink. How much money we make available for each decision limits or expands our options. Financial planning takes a holistic and strategic view to help individuals meet their most important life objectives. In an increasingly complex financial world with thousands of different products and options, we help our clients navigate the planning process, enabling them to meet their goals.

Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs offer a route to a brighter future and a better life. We assist with applications and investments in officially approved government schemes that provide residency rights, citizenship and second passports in some of the world’s most desirable countries. Requirements vary, but usually, contributions are real estate purchases, investments in a business or approved fund or a donation payment. Most schemes include residency rights for children and some for parents too.

Offshore Property

Property represents a desirable investment for many people. Historically, bricks and mortar investments have increased over time, often – but not always, outstripping returns on other investment asset classes. Property investments also produce a return through rental yields, providing a regular income.


Another reason property is an attractive investment is that they provide the opportunity to leverage your capital in a way that is impossible with other asset classes. Banks are usually willing to offer loans secured on a property asset’s underlying value, enabling clients to grow their wealth faster than with other investments.


That is not to say that property investments are a surefire route to riches. There are many factors to consider, including whether the initial purchase represents a value opportunity, the cost of maintenance and management, the property market’s ups and downs, and ensuring against being over-leveraged on individual investments. We also recommend that property makes up a proportion of a balanced portfolio of investments.


We help clients with all the issues mentioned above. We help them identify properties that offer a combination of strong, reliable rental yields and capital growth. We help clients find the best possible mortgages and financing, and ensure it fits their risk profile and long-term objectives.

Pension & Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement and setting up a pension plan should be a fundamental part of everyone’s long-term financial planning. We are increasingly living longer and government support in old age is minimal. This leaves individuals with no option but to take responsibility for ensuring they have the resources available to live in comfort in their later years. We recommend that clients start pension planning as early as possible, thereby providing them with the broadest range of choice on when to finish working, and the widest possible selection of lifestyle options after retirement.

Over recent years, governments have increasingly tinkered with pension rules and regulations, making retirement planning increasingly challenging. At the same time, expatriates have a golden opportunity to establish a secure and tax-efficient pension, with the flexibility to change as objectives or locations shift over time.

We have decades of experience in helping expatriates with pension planning. We can advise on the entire range of options available, and set up the most suitable tax-efficient structure to ensure long-term growth structures. We regularly review all pension plans with our clients and recommend changes should their circumstances change over time.

Savings and Investments

Whether you want to build an emergency fund, buy a sports car, afford a deposit on a new home, or pay for your children’s future education, there is always a good reason to save money. Saving and investing is the surest way to meet your long-term financial objectives, provide your family with financial security and build your long-term wealth.

Whether it is a modest regular monthly savings plan or a multi-million dollar lump sum, we help clients structure their savings and investments according to their objectives and needs. As always with financial planning, understanding those needs is the first step in the process of finding the right savings plan or investment.

There are many things to take into account. The most important of these is understanding the client’s appetite for risk. All investments involve some degree of risk. A standard savings account or a government-guaranteed bond can lose money in real terms by not keeping pace with inflation, so nothing is entirely risk-free. We help you understand the risk with every investment, so you can weigh the risks against potential returns and make informed choices.

Once your risk profile is decided, we put together your investment portfolio, fully considering asset classes and ensuring appropriate diversification. We actively manage all portfolios to ensure they continue to deliver on the client’s objectives, in line with the agreed risk profile.

Trusts and Tax Planning

Trusts are legal arrangements that protect assets and property. They are often used to protect against taxation or to hold assets for children or families. Trusts can be one of the most complicated financial planning instruments. There are many different types and uses and it is vital to understand the implications of setting one up fully.

We have access to the best possible advice on setting up trust no matter how complex and work with your legal, tax and other advisers to ensure any arrangement meets your precise needs.

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